Build your first game with JavaScript - On-Campus Workshop

Wed, 05 Apr 2023 19:00 - 21:00 JST

Impact Hub Tokyo



⚠️ IMPORTANT: Make sure you follow the setup instructions below before joining the workshop.


We're happy to welcome Florian back on-campus for the popular retro gaming workshop!

Are you interested in how computer graphics or video games work, but always thought that it must be overly complicated? Or you were scared by the plethora of frameworks and didn't know where to start?
Join us for a special introduction on game development, and code a simple retro game in only 2 hours 🎮

We will use a very simple "retro" style of framework, show you how to turn a serious text-mode computer into a fun interactive experience, move stuff on the screen over a playfield according to the keyboard input, and how to replicate some classic graphical effects.

During this workshop, we will be:

✔️ Giving a quick introduction on retro games
✔️ Making a little game together: showing a playfield, and a controllable character over it
✔️ Explaining the basics of collision, movement and gravity
✔️ Making it more interesting with simple animation

✔️ Basic JavaScript notions
✔️ GitHub account (to be able to fork a boilerplate)
✔️ Git & Node.js installed on your computer

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