Build your first Spotify App - Online Workshop

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 19:00 - 20:30 JST
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Since the launch of Spotify for Developers, many talented creators could tap into Spotify’s extensive music data and build great audio apps and experiences. For this session, we are happy to welcome Alvaro, Developer Advocate at Spotify for Developers, who will help us explore this platform to develop experiences for millions of music fans.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to create a Node.js based app which allows Spotify users to log in and check new recommendations according to their music preferences.

Agenda 👇

✔️ Introduction to Spotify for Developers
✔️ What can Spotify do for me?
✔️ Introduction to Spotify APIs and SDKs
✔️ Making your first API call
✔️ Introduction to the Dashboard
✔️ Authorization flows
✔️ Calling your first API
✔️ Going further, creating a small recommendation engine.
✔️ Q&A

Time ⏳
The workshop will be held online with a duration of 1h15 minutes.

⚠️ We will need a Spotify account No worries, most APIs can be used with a free account.

⚠️ This workshop assumes that you have some knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js If you don't have Node.js installed on your computer, we recommend you follow the official Installing Node.js guide which covers the installation on different platforms.

⚠️ We will use standard JavaScript features with some additional libraries, such as Express or Pug to create templates.

Finally, we have prepared a public GitHub repository that we will use as a starting point for the workshop. Feel free to clone it!

🚀 About Alvaro 🚀

Alvaro started coding in BASIC before there was Stack Overflow. Developer Advocate and Open Source lover, he worked for over a decade developing and advocating technologies at companies such as Airbus and Amadeus.

He is currently working as Developer Advocate at Spotify for Developers, serving as a bridge between external developers and our engineering team. One of his main tasks is ensuring developers have the best Developer Experience possible when using Spotify technologies: he builds prototypes using our APIs, writes documentation and tutorials or even goes to events to talk and learn about new trends, languages or methodologies.

Finally, everything he has e just mentioned is combined with the titanic task of raising two children and keeping his comic collection up to date.

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