Functional Programming for Beginners - Online Workshop

Wed, 12 May 2021 19:00 - 21:00
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The concept of functional programming has been around for a long time, but it is currently enjoying a comeback. In contrast to object-oriented programming, it heavily relies on pure functions and immutable data structures. By using this programming style, you can reduce the likelihood of bugs and make sure that your programs are easier to maintain.

For this talk, we are happy to welcome Brian Heise, Le Wagon alumni and lead web developer at Pasona Tech who will explain functional programming concepts of distinguishing data, calculations, and actions and introduce some basic techniques about how to use these to avoid and/or fix bugs in your code.

Key points:

✔️ Functional programming separates functions that matter when you call it from functions that don’t
✔️ Functional programming prefers functions that always return the same output provided the same inputs -- minimize side effects
✔️ How functional programming helps write cleaner, more testable, and more reusable code
✔️ FP and OOP are not enemies -- they can and do work well together

🚀 About Brian 🚀

Brian is the lead web developer at Pasona Tech’s ERP division, where he designs and develops web-facing applications for SAP’s on-premise server systems and SAP’s platform as a service offering. In his free time he enjoys learning new programming techniques and when he needs to get away from it all he goes out mountain climbing.

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