How to get a Startup Visa in Japan? - Talk with a Government

Mon, 19 Apr 2021 19:00 - 20:00
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Startup Visa is one of the recent initiatives approved by the Japanese government to help skilled entrepreneurs start an impact business in Japan. Until recently, there were only a few cities in Japan that have been issuing such kind of visas to founders but now we see a dramatic shift in an immigration policy.

From March 2021, Shibuya City Office has started issuing 1 year startup visas and offering Startup Welcome Service, a one-stop-shop support service to foreigners who wish to start their own businesses in Japan. Since it’s a very new project, we invited Miho Tanaka, CEO of StartupWork and Director of Shibuya Welcome Service, to explain how to apply for the startup visa and build a thriving business in Japan.

Key points:

✔️ Who is eligible to apply (industry, stage, visa status)
✔️ How to change your visa status
✔️ Necessary documents & procedures
✔️ Timeline (considering COVID-related delays)
✔️ Setting an office, incorporating, taxes
✔️ Q&A

🚀 About Shibuya Welcome Service 🚀

The “Startup Welcome Service” is a one-stop support service provided by Shibuya City Office that assists you with the various administrative procedures in establishing a company or starting a business in Shibuya.

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