How To Win Machine Learning Competitions? - Advices from a winner

Mon, 01 Feb 2021 19:00 - 20:00
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Do you want to kickstart your career in Data Science? Entering Machine Learning competitions is a great way to learn the intricacies of various modeling techniques, prepare for job interviews and of course, win some cash 💸

For this event, we are happy to invite Data Scientist and #SwipeToSuccess competition winner Nikhil Mishra who will share his experience & tips for aspiring data scientists. #SwipeToSuccess is a $10,000-prize competition aimed to optimize Japan-based company Atrae's profile-matching algorithm for their professional networking app, yenta. During the event, Nikhil will share the summary of his solutions to the competition challenge and the approach that brought him victory 🏆

Key points:

  • Why join Machine Learning competitions and how?
  • Overview of the #SwipeToSuccess AI competition
  • Nikhil’s experience: approaching the challenge and structure solution, tools used, time spent developing the end-to-end solution, summary of his solutions, tips & insights
  • Announcement of new AI competitions to challenge

Join us on Feb 1st for an insightful talk session brought to you by bitgrit and Le Wagon Tokyo!

🚀About bitgrit🚀

bitgrit Inc. ( is an online data science platform that includes AI competitions, a job board for data scientists and analysts, and our end goal is a fully functional AI Marketplace where companies and engineers can exchange algorithms and payment freely on a blockchain platform.

Check out their latest AI competition with a grand prize of $3,000 at 🏆

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