Find Your Startup Team: Pitch Night

Wed, 07 Oct 2020 19:00 - 20:15
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Few things are more exciting than getting involved into an ambitious project, working hard on it together with your team and seeing how it evolves and grows: that’s what happens when you work at a startup.

Join us on Oct 7th at 7pm for the Pitch Session with Japan-based startup founders who will present their business and announce a call for co-founders & team members, the most valuable asset in the early-stage startup.

If you have an idea or early stage startup, you can pitch your business and hear others pitched. If you are interested in a startup scene, you'll be able to learn about the Japan-based startups with an international mindset, and of course, find a team to join! Whether or not you have an idea of your own, or are looking to work with an existing startup, this pitch event will bring you lots of new connections.

Who is this event for? 🔥

  • Early-stage and seed startups looking for new team members
  • Those interested in co-founding or joining a startup in Japan
  • Those curious about emerging startups in Japan

Pitching startups 🔥 (LOOKING FOR SPEAKERS!)

  1. Crust
  2. TPO
  3. Ekolokal
  4. Odaiba
  5. Digitomenu
  6. Flora Maternity TBC TBC TBC

If you are a startup looking for team members and would like to pitch on the day, get in touch with us at Every startup will have around 7 minutes for the pitch and Q&A session.

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