Data Visualization Workshop: Build a Bubble Cloud Project with Kintone

Mon, 14 Sep 2020 19:00 - 21:00
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Starting up servers and constructing databases are bothersome tasks for your project when you just want to concentrate on utilizing your JavaScript skills.

This workshop is for front-end developers who want to spend less time setting up their back-end infrastructure and want to concentrate on the UI/UX of their projects.

We are organizing this workshop in partnership with Kintone!
Read up on how to customize and develop on their low code platform at

Overview 👉

  • Use Kintone's GUI to create databases (Kintone Apps)
  • Utilize the databases to store & manage data
  • Apply client-side JavaScript to visualize the database data as Bubble Clouds
  • Use Kintone's REST API initiator to call REST APIs from client-side JavaScript

Takeaway 👉

  • Free Kintone Developer License for your own projects
  • Functioning Bubble Cloud Project
  • Experience on developing on a no-code/low-code platform
  • Understanding on how to avoid CORS errors when calling REST APIs from client-side JavaScript
  • Directions for your future projects

Prerequisite 👉

🚀 About Kintone 🚀

Kintone is a no-code/low-code cloud platform for teams to easily share & collaborate on their data efficiently.

You can add JavaScript, CSS, and/or HTML to enhance the frontend UI/UX of a Kintone App. This can include features such as maps, buttons, and color-coding.

Visit our developer website to get acquainted with Kintone API:

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